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**FYI 16 Jan 2018: There's a small bug fwding SMS to EMAIL on some phones. This is being fixed now. Fwding to SMS is fine...only EMAIL on SOME phones is affected. If you bought or buy app you will be updated shortly. Thank you.**

Automatically forward incoming SMS to another number and/or your email address.


NOTE app cannot fwd Images/MMS but will send alert if your enabled phone gets any MMS.

Key features:

★ Forward ALL Incoming SMS to another mobile phone number (example: from your old phone to your new phone).

★ Forward ALL Incoming SMS to your email address.

★ Option: forward ALL Incoming SMS to your 2nd phone and/or email address only if text contains a certain keyword.

★ Create Tasks to forward incoming SMS from CERTAIN NUMBERS to your Contacts' numbers (Create Tasks does not fwd to email.)

★ Option: forward SMS from certain numbers to your Contacts ONLY if SMS contains certain keyword/s
(example for both words only: choc cake.
Example for any words: choc,cake)

★ SMS from a word SenderID, example MD-BANK or MYBANK can be fwded. Just Create Task and add the exact Sender ID as the From Phone Number box. Do not add keywords unless you need to filter.

★ Forward ALL incoming SMS to an API or URL (great for auto-upload of SMS to a website or computer screen )

★ Toggle ON/OFF. No need to uninstall app when you don't need it

★ Original sender's number is appended to forwarded SMS (on Fwd All Incoming SMS function only)

★ Has Low Battery Alert (via email and SMS)

※ Can not fwd Images or MMS but you will receive an alert on your 2nd phone & email (if enabled) if your enabled phone gets an MMS.

※ Can not fwd calls

※ Can not fwd What's App or FB messenger, Telegram or any non-sms messages

※ Can NOT spy on another phone NOR retrieve messages from another phone

★ View all received and forwarded SMS in your phone's DEFAULT Messaging where you normally view/send SMS from

★ Install Auto Forward SMS on the Android phone you need to forward SMS FROM

★ Receiving phones do not need AFSMS installed and can be any phone type (eg iPhone)

★ Developed by SMS Response Australia. Reputable company in business for 16+ years

With Fwd To Email, the app contacts our server to access the API which 'translates' the SMS into an email. The fwded email will be FROM We do not collect information from your SMS. It is simply an electronic handshake. Feel free to view our Privacy Policy or contact us for info.


SUPPORT: Please contact us before you uninstall, as we can usually fix problems. We offer you free support and will answer you promptly.
Email us and/or send a screenshot to: or SMS +61414384799

Feature requests or suggestions are always welcome :)

We're confident the app does what it says (and we test it often). But there is no 100% guarantee that your Contacts will get a fwded SMS from your phone via this app. Delivery relies on factors beyond our control, such as your telco's reliability, a phone being on and in a good reception area, your recipients' phones switched off /out of range, plus any software errors which may cause the app not to work. NEVER use the app as the only or "first response" in any critical situation. Buying the app means you acknowledge and agree with this statement. Please see TERMS on our website.

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Couple of bug fixes In-app notice service for updates

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